Monday, July 20, 2009

Moving eeek!

All quiet on the cake front atm. We are moving in the next three days to hopefully gain greater family support and the opportunity to eventually set up my cakes as a business. I am excited at the prospect of taking customer orders and broadening my skills further. I am so passionate about cakes but must admit I am enjoying the break from decorating. I have my cousins wedding cake to do in November which will be a fun yet time consuming cake. Lots of roses!! I think I will suss out the market in wagga and determine what field of cake decorating to go down as in whether there are already lots of wedding cake decorators then I will concentrate initially on birthday cakes. I like birthday cakes the most as they tend to be the most fun and creative to make. They also don't have to be perfect unlike a wedding cake which is a talking point at a wedding!

I think I will use the break from cakes to discover and taste test some more cupcake recipes so that I can offer customers a range as well as cookies. Not sure of the success of these but its worth a try.

Here is a christening cake I made for my sisters daughter last year. It was a massive cake and was toblerone mud on the bottom and white mud on the top.
Hvaing three boys I don't get to make too many girly cakes so this was fun to make.

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